One more time about Tiffany


Tiffany, like other shades of turquoise, is made by mixing green and blue. This color is very beautiful – it is mint, associated with luxury, grace, sophistication. The color gained particular popularity after the release of the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with Audrey Hepburn. The main character dreams of a beautiful life and diamonds from the Tiffany & Co jewelry store – a kind of symbol of wealth, chic, and splendor. The founder of Tiffany – Charles Lewis Tiffany chose this color for the cover of the so-called “Blue Book”. Since 1845 this edition has annually opened the autumn season, presenting collections of the most exquisite haute couture jewelry. These pieces of jewelry were packed in pale blue boxes with a white ribbon.
And here it is, the first catalog of the Blue Book brand, which was published in 1845.


Let’s talk about Tiffany and Design.



Distinctive features of styles using tiffany shade are as follows:

* combination of simplicity and elegance;
* many open spaces, no clutter;
* respectability, apparent high cost;
* comfort, high functionality;
* lack of surplus and abundance of decor;
* inclusion of the achievements of new technologies;
* use of applied arts;
* combination of pastel colors and bright accents.

Tiffany’s styles include unusual furniture, interior doors, interesting color palettes in wallpaper, various stained glass windows with landscapes and natural motifs, paintings, floor lamps, chandeliers. Modern materials in these types of designs can be combined with vintage accessories: clocks, vases, forged products, decorative panels, and mirrors. It is important to avoid corners, straight lines, only smooth curves are appreciated.

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