People who wear black live colorful lives



Dark tones are versatile. They help to place accents in interiors, add elegance and sophistication to images, ennoble them, set them up for a serious business mood, and say that a person does not follow stereotypes and is not subject to prejudices.


There are traditional gifts for each occasion. For light holidays – a wedding, the birth of a child, a mother’s anniversary – dark bouquets will not work. But there are separate reasons when such a present is appropriate.

* A representative of the subculture, for example, a goth or emo girl, is unlikely to be delighted with banal red colors when declaring her love, but black and burgundy ones will come in handy.

* Themed holidays – Friday the 13th or Halloween – are gaining popularity every year. Dark buds can complement an outfit or decorate a room.

* It is customary for artists to give bouquets, but what about rock culture, where light colors are inappropriate? Present the artist with a bouquet of black roses. Bohemians appreciate it when they are presented with original gifts. Artists, photographers, writers will love the unusual gloomy inflorescences. Especially if you draw parallels with the recipient’s creativity.

* In Japan, black symbolizes maximum flourishing and experience. You can present a bouquet on the occasion of personal achievement.

Black roses are not an everyday gift. But it is these surprises that create a unique atmosphere, give the event zest and personality. The main thing is that they are in harmony with the character of the recipient and the situation.