There is a Shade of Red for Every Woman


Physiological and psychological perception of color by a person is closely related. Therefore, red is often associated with love, fire, blood. The meaning of this color in human psychology depends on its shades and has positive and negative characteristics.
The positive include activity, thirst for life, activity, confidence.
Red is saturated with a charge of energy, vitality. It is preferred by people with a fast pace of nervous activity: choleric and sanguine people.
It helps to overcome difficulties and achieve goals, as well as self-acceptance, the ability to defend one’s position and interests. The energy of this color pushes you to realize your purpose, promotes the emergence of responsibility, the growth of self-esteem.
Such qualities shown by red, such as aggression, anger, irritation, are rarely beneficial, therefore they can be attributed to negative ones. This color tires and repels a sensitive person. The scarlet color also means sexuality. People who are attracted to it and who use it often tend to have sex without sensual attachment.

What does it symbolize?

One of the associations that the red color evokes is love. This can be traced to the symbols of love – hearts, arrows of Cupid, roses, love inscriptions. Another association that is close in meaning is passion, which is indicated by such symbols as a heart, flowers, and a kiss.
Another symbol of red is power and greatness. It is worth remembering the robes of kings and leaders – they often used these very shades. It is also the color of appeal, revolution: red-brown banners, ribbons, carnations. Many coats of arms and flags of modern countries necessarily include this color.
Red, as a warlike one, is depicted in the Templar cross, gladiator capes, Greek gods of war, often associated with the element of fire, in a red poppy – a symbol of World War II. In religion, objects of decoration of temples, scenes from sacred books are colored in red.
Ritual actions, many holidays, parades are also somehow connected with it.
The meaning of red as a symbol of danger is used in various signaling systems: on road signs, at rescue services.


Red has many shades. Depending on this, they characterize the qualities of a person who prefers one tone or another. Below is a description of some of its shades in connection with personality characteristics.
* Burgundy, combining red and brown, carries a sense of conservatism and confidence. People who prefer this shade can be assertive, but without a hot temper, they are solid and sedate. Excessive use of this color has the effect of oppression, heaviness. Red-brown, where there is less brown, characterizes self-confident people, enthusiasts, but able to control their emotions.
* The scarlet shade of red enhances its effect in terms of sensuality and emotionality. As a fierier, it carries even more energy and often pushes you to rash actions. The result of such impulsive actions is powerful, and its quality depends on the purity of the goal. It is distinguished from other shades of red by its “carelessness”.
* Raspberry gives sincerity by mixing with bluish. The words of this person can be trusted, he is loving and affectionate. But at the same time, it is characterized by suddenness and unpredictability. These people are optimistic, strive for success, active, and capable of great things.
* Fiery red gives willpower, endurance, helping to pass many obstacles and trials. At the same time, exhaustion caused by incredible zeal is not excluded.
* Pink is the color of youth, purity, and love. His lovers are characterized by tenderness, vulnerability. They take a lot to heart, but, despite being touchy, they are quick-witted.
* Dark red – expresses condescension on the verge of cynicism and cruelty.

People who have a craving for everything red in clothes, accessories, food are cheerful, active, self-confident. They are natural-born leaders and leaders.
They are persistent and optimistic – usually hard to be confused by remarks and negative attitudes. Achieving their goals for them is a common thing. The extreme manifestation of their perseverance is uncompromising, unwillingness to accept someone else’s point of view, and sometimes cruelty.

What kind of people do they like?

Both men and women, who often choose red, are sexy and sensual. Amorous and passionate in their outfits, they show attraction or veil the lack of warmth and tenderness of the opposite sex.
Here are some more characteristics of people whose favorite color is red:
* strong-willed;
* hardy;
* stubborn;
* self-confident;
* impulsive;
* debaters
In childhood, red lovers may have a destructive tendency. Toys are constantly breaking, as if not on purpose. Peers can be wary of him, since everything can be expected from a fighter. And the child himself is inclined to take risks and constantly falls and bruises. The parents of such a child require much more attention and patience.

But your efforts will definitely pay off. With patience and endurance, you will receive reciprocal care. The kid will be happy to help you because it is important for him to prove himself. At the same time, do not forget to back up the case with praise – the “red” need it as food. But praise should be on the case to avoid arrogance.
People who prefer red love holidays and fun. They love surprises and love to make them themselves. They are attracted by everything that excites the imagination and tickles the nerves. If these are games, then with the effect of surprise. If there are fairy tales, then definitely an adventure.
As a child grows up, his parents’ alarming features may sharpen or subside. With children of this type, you need to show wisdom, be sincere, carefully acquaint yourself with different aspects of life, give food for thought. Then his search for truth and justice will be illuminated by the light of reason. And actions caused by the desire to change the world will be filled with good. Your task is to channel his love of risk and adventure in a positive direction.
If you feel that the passion for red color strongly affects the psyche, you are drawn to adventure and, perhaps, your impulsiveness often bothers you, ask yourself the question “Why?” – Why am I going to do this or that? Why do I need this feeling, which has now risen in me? Why do I constantly act in a certain way, so then I regret it?
This question helps to reflect and engage the brain and think about an action before taking an action.

Red is always eye-catching, no matter what context it is used in.
As a signal “Attention!” is used in women’s clothing precisely to attract male attention. Indeed, it is difficult to remain unnoticed in a red outfit – this is the most powerful and energetic color. Red evening dresses of various textures and cuts are especially effective. It is appropriate to wear them for social events, and a cocktail dress for corporate parties.
At work, excess red can lead to stressful environments. Its excess is suppressive, which can lead to a repulsive effect. Therefore, it is recommended to use less bright colors in clothes. For example, a blouse in coral or crimson color will add brightness to an elegant look, and a maroon suit will add solidity.
Matching accessories in discreet colors: handbags, shoes, scarves, a bouquet of red roses will create an image of confidence and determination.

To emphasize femininity and sexuality will work great with a red manicure. Modern designers offer many of his images and shades. Matte, patterned, with glitters on the nails – it will satisfy any taste and occasion. A manicure of red shades will emphasize your qualities such as strength, sensuality, confidence, the ability to achieve your goals.

The dynamism of red attracts active, purposeful people who love to be in the spotlight. This often determines their choice in favor of the red car. By the shade of the “iron friend”, one can determine the level of the owner’s eccentricity and his possible aggressiveness. Contrary to popular belief that red cars are mainly the choice of women, statistics show that men are more likely to choose them. Although it’s no secret that ladies who choose the red option feel more confident, successful, and attractive.
In the interior, red is often used to decorate the bedroom, stimulating the interest of partners in each other. Take a look at these wonderful red marble roses for bedroom decor.
In moderate doses, it will be appropriate in the dining room or in the kitchen due to its ability to increase appetite. By the way, this property is also used by restaurant owners, thus attracting visitors.
The red color used in advertising brings the advertised object closer and draws attention to it. The charge of this color is designed for impulsive behavior without unnecessary thought. To influence male audiences, it is used in an erotic context. Excessive use of red in advertising can, on the contrary, cause irritation and rejection.
Dosed use of red in everyday life will give you courage and confidence, and will also inspire and stimulate zest for life.